​​A Detroit native, 3xotic has been following her passion for the performing arts and honoring her talents since the age of two.   By he age of five,3xotic was acting in several plays and was the youngest to perform with a professional acting company. 3xotic is a multi talented musician, songwriter, singer and producer of music. 3xotic has been in the studio most of her life; learning, producing and recording music. By the age of fifteen 3xotic was producing  movies with musical scores.

3xotic has also become a ghost writer for several production companies and has features on multiple artist tracks.  3xotic’s  online accounts have been set  up and, her music is selling on multiple  online distribution sites. With a mixture of melodic vocal styles, a plethora of rhythmic beats and new age sounds.

  3xotic’s music is mysteriously different with a unique style of her own.