Detroit native, 3xotic has been following her passion for the performing arts and honoring her talents since the age of two.   By the age of five, 3xotic was acting in several plays and was the youngest to perform with a professional acting company.  3xotic has been in the studio most of her life; learning, producing and recording music. By the age of fifteen 3xotic was producing short movies with musical scores. 3xotic has become a multi-talented musician, songwriter, singer, producer and ghost writer. 

One night in a dream, a voice came to 3xotic and gave her a vision.  In the vision she was performing on stage and the crowd was chanting “3xotic, 3xotic”, when she awoke from the dream, she knew then; that she would become “3xotic” the Artist.  That same year; 3xotic release her first album entitled “3xotic”.  Just like the dream, 3xotic hit the stage and was an immediate success.  By the time the second album “Hidd3n Colors “and her two mixed tapes “3xotic Box I and 3xotic Box II” was released, 3xotic had gained fans all over the world.  

3xotic’s highly anticipated third album has already had an amazing response, due to the release of four singles off the album, Kitty Kat, Knockout, Netflix and Chill and Freaky Cruisin.